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This is per unit. When Ordering over 10 units, please inquire for a vendor price.
* shipping and tax will be added if your billing address is in Florida.
** a separate email invoice for shipping, tax, and insurance will follow.

3-Blade Propeller

$ 25 each
  • You never know when you hit something or you like to run through sand or an oyster bar and damage the prop. These are original propellors.

Complete Twist Throttle and Cable with Kill Switch 

$ 25 each
  • This is an exact replacement of the twist throttle, cable, and sheath used on the engine legs. The kill switch and ground wires can be removed to use the original deadman style switch.

Kill Switch Cover and Lanyard

$ 10 each
  • This is common part that is misplaced, and lost. These are original.

Engine Mount Bracket

$ 50 each
  • This is the only the rear mounting bracket that holds the engine on its vertical leg. This does not include the upper and lower brackets that hold the shaft. Original fit and quality with clamps.


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