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* shipping and tax will be added if your billing address is in Florida.
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Construction and Materials: These legs will mount 35cc, 50cc, and 71cc engines with the correct bolt pattern and clutch height.

The small outboard leg is built of aluminum and stainless steel hardware. As you look at the images, you can see that this is a lightweight economical way to guide you through the water using small 2 and 4 stroke engines of your choice. The leg is derived from a gear reduced lower unit, not a weed eater head that creates little to no torque and is angled incorrectly. This is a sealed unit that is lubricated within the gear and bearing housing just like a full size lower unit. These engine styles use to create very little torque unless they are geared down.

The shaft system is encased in aluminum with bearings throughout and a solid shaft that eliminates flex. The propeller is correctly sized to the engine and is a cast aluminum version. The motor bracket is solid aluminum painted with epoxy black and the handle bracket allows for multiple positions of the steering arm. The throttle is controlled by a twist grip for low through high RPM ranges.

The clutching system allows the engine to remain running and the propeller will not spin until a certain RPM is reached when the centrifugal clutch opens up. This is dependent on the style of the clutch and engine used. These legs can be used in fresh or saltwater environments, just remember to wash them down and lubricate the fittings as a necessary part of your maintenance. I would use CRC marine grade spray to coat all fittings to preserve the life of the hardware.



* Stainless hardware 
3-blade prop with galvanized throttle system
* Gearbox oil needs to be added
* Unit will need assembly 

* Shipping and tax will be added if your billing address is in Florida.
** A separate email invoice for shipping, tax, and insurance will follow.

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