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Electric Conversion
Parts Have Arrived...

(Fits ECHO, EGO and Most Trimmer powerheads with a 4 Square shaft end on the brushless motor.)

For those wanting to purchase parts to convert your engine leg to electric, the driveshafts have arrived and are ready to go. Others who want the leg ready for your electric head that uses a square drive fitting like the ECHO or EGO, these are now available. Build instructions will not be posted online, and are sent as a locked .pdf to only the purchaser. This conversion can be completed on a pedal drive or full length system.


4 point square 

2 Blade Prop

Standard Leg


,pdf Download / Email

Pedal Drive or
Full Length


Electric Powerhead Ready Legs for 
Pedal Drive and Full Length Systems

KAYAK BUDDYS has had quite a bit of interest in adding brushless powerheads to our robust upgraded legs. So, we listened and are now offering engine legs available for the electric Echo and Earthwise powerheads. Due to the almost identical RPM range and torque of the 2.3hp equivalent, these small lightweight brushless outboard systems can be assembled with ease with a few basic tools. Attaining speeds of 5.1-6.7mph on my three varyious paddlecraft is amazing for a brushless prop driven system that only weighs in at around 15lbs with a battery. Driveshafts are available for both the pedal drive drop-in and full length systems if you are interested in converting your engine system. We are offering both styles of engine legs to be fitted by the user with their electric powerhead. We will not be furnishing the powerhead, just the compelte leg for you to bolt on your powerhead. A 2ah and 4ah battery is available on both systems.   A full set of instructions and images for the modification will be sent to the user with a password to open the file. 

Run times on the 4ah battery running 3/4 throttle to full throttle ranges between 40-50 minutes of constant on time. No wires or heavy batteries to worry about. Two batteries is what I use on daily outings since I paddle when at my spots and use the electric to cover the distance.

If you are interested in the drive system, please inquire below or order through the order page available here.

Order your electric drive here...
(No powerhead is Included)

The new electric version of the engine leg has been adapted to a lipo battery powered, self contained, brushless motor powerhead. Although this started out as a "lets see if this can be done", it is now a reality. Custom driveshafts have been made to bolt up the electric brushless motor head to test the 2 and 3 blade prop configurations. 

Scroll to see the videos.

* Just a note about the sound.  Due to the original trials and not really knowing driveshaft placement and tube length at the time, we had the tube touching the engine housing and this caused a louder than expected frequency response through the driveshaft tube. By moving the tube down a 1/4 in. problem solved and it is now very stealthy. We like to be 100% honest and videos are unedited, so sometimes it works and sometimes it is a trial and error.

(Video) Nucanoe Frontier 12
Hobie Revolution 13

Powered with a Echo 58v Brushless Motor Setup

From the first trials of the Echo 58V system and a few more builds, the noise has been reduced by 90% due to the position of how the drive shaft tube meets the brushless motor. Not realizing the tube was touching the lower bearing and creating a vibrational noise, a slight movement away from the bearing and now we are in business. Here is the latest example of the first sea trial.

Electric Powerhead Engine System Inquiry

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We pride ourselves on customer service. Please call or email us with any concerns or questions you may have on our engine legs and complete systems. We are here to help.

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Build Notes

Below are a few commonly downloaded .pdf instructions to make the build process painless and simple.

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