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*Echo 58V Brushless Powerhead on a Kayakbuddys Engine Leg (Completed)

 This has been something that we have wanted to experiment with and the results of merging a brushless powerhead from an Echo trimmer to a gas lower leg was very surprising. Unlike traditional electric trolling motors that use large motors and need large, heavy battteries, with large capacities to run, this uses a smaller brushless motor on top and a greared lower unit to reduce needed wattage size of the motor and a much smaller battery is then required. This may be leading into utilizing battery packs with high voltage and high efficiency, but only time will tell. Originally slated as a pull motor in front, this can greatly improve propulsion and battery requirements if only a pack or two is needed for the days outing.

Videos are found on the youtube channel.


Electric Trim and Tilt for the Engine Bracket

This started out as just an idea to trim the engine for shallow water movement, not to neccessarily trim while under full power. The designs where made and 2 prototypes built. Finally a working example has been made and does it work good. Not expensive to replicate with a simple design and this allows the propeller to be pulled out of the water entirely so you will not scrub the gearbox.  

Images and Videos can be found here and also on the youtube channel.


Spring Creek Stabilizers and New Attachable Motor Mounts

Spring Creek has finally released their gas engine capable mount for the Stabilzer series for kayak, canoe, and small watercraft. This snap in module is robust and can certainly handle these outboards.

Spring Creek Kayak Stabilizers and Motor Mounts  


Lifan 35cc Mini 4 Stroke Motor Testing is Underway

With the small engine market not having to many manufacturing choices for powerheads, we are pleased to announce an additional 35cc 4 stroke engine that has a great price point, warranty, and longevity rating.  This is a true Ready to Run (RTR) setup at a great price point. Check out the build video on the RTR version. Order early, they are moving quickly.

* The Lifan manufacturer is looking into the electric option for this version. Hopefully soon we will have a push button start system available. 

Nucanoe Frontier 12
Hobie Revolution 13

Powered with a Echo 58v Brushless Motor Setup

The new electric version of the engine leg that can be adapted to a lipo battery powered, self contained, brushless motor powerhead is in the works. Although this started out as a "lets see if this can be done", it is now a reality. Custom driveshafts have been made to bolt up the electric brushless motor head to test the 2 and 3 blade prop configurations.  More testing will happen to see their logevity and survival in the elements, including full salt water usage.

Scroll to see the videos.

2 Blade Upgrade on the Honda 1.3HP Engine 

After experimenting with various props and pitches, Kayak Buddys has solved the higer RPM speed /torque issue with the smaller hp engine system. Although quite capable with a 3 blade prop, all under 2.0 hp systems tend to lose torque at the higher rpms due to the kayak overall weight and draft. By swapping props to a different pitch and design, the engine produces cleaner RPM's until full throttle with over 30% gains in speed and smoother acceleration. This is a game changer for all smaller outboards.


Order your upgraded engine leg here...


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