Bullnose Rudder with Carbon Fiber Shaft
and Standard Adjustable Mount Bracket 

This is our first prototype of this lightweight bolt-on rudder system that can attach to any traditional mount. The tilt angle is adjustable and the length is fixed due to the bracket geometry.

*Remember the fin needs to only be in the clean water, not completely under the hull. This is allows for minimal obstruction issues and less drag.

Weighs 5.1 lbs. with full control using a standard tiller u-joint tiller extension. It kept the nose pointed where it needs to be and was easily maneuverable in the wind and current. A larger paddle craft tends to drift and you spend quite a bit of time correcting for this. Rudders really should have been an option or even a removable skeg designed into the lower planning hull.

These will be available once the component testing is complete.

The video is found below.



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