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KAYAK BUDDYS is always finding different avenues to help anglers and some clients have asked if electric shallow water trim and tilt could be an option. The problem is if you happen to sit to far away from the engine and you are running in inches of water what do you do. Well you either turn the engine off and scrub the gearbox or manually lift the engine forward to prevent damage.

For people already running 12V depth finders, lights, etc, this is a plug and play option for the most part. We have developed a simple actuator based trim and tilt example that works utilizing a new more rigid connector that slides on the drive tube and rotates effortlessly. A very simple connection to a 12V power source and a 3-way switch and that is it. We will be running this off a Dewalt battery for testing purposes. Keeping it simple works. More information will be posted when time permits. For now a few pictures of the build and video will be available below when testing concludes.

More to come....


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