Currently we are in the process of creating new specialized wire harnesses that are utilized for trim motors, sonar, lighting, and kill switch connections. These are custom to the kayak so everything would be plug and play. Power cells would utilize Dewalt batteries and 20v-12v drop converters to power all of the essentials. The V1 is found below. These are not for sale until the testing is complete and the wiring is determined to be rugged enough to take the punishment. We to do not run wires inside the hull in order to make this removeable when not needed.

Once this is tested, the next version will be heat shrink wrapped inside the sheath with minimal splice points. All joints will be soldered. A double output box to have the kill switch and trim at one location will be an option.

Power Cube
Power cube with 20V to 12V Dewalt battery dock and voltage drop.
Sonar Power
Sonar powered by a Dewalt 5 ah battery. Plenty of space to carry a 2nd battery if needed. This cuts down on having to buy costly specialized batteries.
Connection Ports
2 connectors power all of the components on the kayak.
Trim and Tilt
Trim and tilt allows for vertical adjustment and running in inches of water.
Trim and Tilt Bracket
Actuator is fitted to the modified original mount.
Kill Switch
Wiring runs down the main track on both sides.
Trim Button
Wires are fully sheathed in cable stress coverings so there is less of a chance of entanglements.
Waterproof plugs
Water proof plug connections are the same for all points.
Clear Deck Space
Allows the centers both forward and backward to remain clear.

We pride ourselves on customer service. Please call or email us with any concerns or questions you may have on our engine legs and complete systems. We are here to help.

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