This just a few of the latest builds using a KB outboard system. All these engines systems are salt-water ready and use a 4-stroke Honda powerhead to keep the prop spinning.

Newest Build Highlight 
Paddleboard Fishing with Honda Power

What a perfect marriage of weight, rigidity and power. Having the light Crescent board that tracks like it is on rails, mated to a small outboard, you would think it would be the making of a disaster. I couldn't be more wrong. 

Build Highlight
Newest Build Highlight 
External Tank Added for Extended Running

Using the external fuel tank kit, simple 1/4inch fuel line and a 3-gallon tank, we can now traverse miles of water without ever having to stop and refuel. This system keeps the prop spinning and allows for easy topping off of the main tank. A general overview video is up on the YouTube Channel. 

Build Highlight
Newest Build Highlight 
14 ft. American Eagle Flatback Canoe with a 50cc Honda Outboard

The cruise speed was 4.6-5.1 mph and maximum speed was 6.3 mph. Having only paddled kayaks in recent years, the nimbleness of a canoe requires little effort to get moving. Balancing is a whole other issue. Video is up on the YouTube Channel.



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