These videos are in build order from the most recent trials of adapting 35 and 50cc gas engines along with electric power-head based systems on a KAYAK BUDDYS engine leg. The complete video catalog is available on the YouTube channel. Enjoy!

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2021 Video Highlights

 FPV Mount Review on a Honda 50cc Drop in Pedal Drive Conversion

POD and Crescent SUP+ Build with the New Mid Sized Drive

 Nucanoe Pursuit Shallow Water Performance Running a
50cc Honda System

Assembling a Complete Honda 50cc System on an Upgraded Leg. Full Version.

 External Tank Kit Setup on a Nucanoe Frontier 12

Nucanoe F12 Running an External Tank and a 50cc Honda Outboard with a Stainless Prop

 Goodby's Creek in Jacksonville, Florida
Shallow Water Performance

Sonar Arm Attachment Installed with a Dewalt Style Battery Powering the Fish Finder

2020 Video Highlights

 External Tank Mod Trial on the Honda 50cc

Small Lightweight Outboard Rigging and Setup for Use on a Kayak

Remote Starting a Kayak Buddys Upgraded Leg System
with a Honda GX35 4 Stroke

Honda GX50 on an Upgraded Kayak Buddys Outboard Leg
with a 2-blade Prop

Honda GX50 Trial on an Upgraded Kayak Buddys Leg
Running a 2 blade Prop - Extended Version

Engine Drive System Building Tutorial: V1

Bullnose Rudder Addition to a Honda 50cc Outboard
on a Nucanoe Frontier 12

Spring Creek Stabilizer System with HD Motor Mount

Hobie Drop in with Honda 35cc - Go Pro Footage Extended
(Pedal Drive Conversion)

Gear Box and Driveshaft Mesh Troubleshooting

Nucanoe Pursuit Trial with a GX50 Honda Powered
Outboard - Extended Footage

Nucanoe Pursuit Trials with a Honda 50cc
on  Biscayne Bay, Miami

Angled Tiller Clamp for 2020 Drive System Models

Stainless Steel 2 Blade Prop Trial on the Nucanoe Pursuit
Powered by the Honda 50cc

FPV Power Hobie Mount with a Complete Full Honda 50cc Drop-in

Nucanoe Frontier 12 with Kayak Buddys Honda 50cc Outboard Running a Stainless Prop Upgrade

Honda 35cc 4 Stroke Outboard
(Full Run with an Upgraded Leg and Trim and Tilt)

Earthwise 56V Electric Powerhead on a Hobie Drop-in System

Trim and Tilt for Small Outboards Attached
to a Nucanoe Frontier 12

Nucanoe Frontier 12 with Honda GX35 1.3 hp and
a New Pitched 2 Blade Prop


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