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Custom Shimano SRAM twist shifter with stainless cable and billet aluminum components for that custom touch. The shifter is originally numbered from 1-6 due to this being a higher end bicycle cable shifter with true stainless cabling. I do not black out the numbers anymore and create the high/low marks on the shifter since most are sitting under a tiller extension handle. If this numbering is required, please let us know before it is built.


1.  SRAM 5 or 6 speed shifter that can be taken
    apart to replace worn cables.
2. Cut to length black jacket with Teflon lining  
    for smooth throttle response.
3. Cut to length stainless throttle cable for
    custom configurations of all 35-71 cc engine
    sizes offered.
4. Soldered throttle stop with billet adjuster      
    with nut and rubber boot to keep grease on
    the cable and the elements out. 
5. 2 custom rubber flexroute cable mounts
    that keep the cable in the proper position
    on the tiller arm.
6. All throttle cables are built to order, so
    please allow a week for the build if it is

Picture set below is a standard throttle set example with a half inch added for more adjustment of the throttle.

Standard length comes in the set. Shorter and longer lengths are available.
Please inquire.


Custom Wire Lengths

Billet Cable Lock and Boot 

Flexroute for Tiller Arm

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