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Hobie Drop-in Version 2

The V2 Hobie Drop-in will now have a rear adjustable throttle eliminating any forward tiller control. The throttle can swing fully to the side or toward the rear keeping the forward space free. The tiller arm, throttle cable, sheath, and kill switch wire have been configured to make storage even more manageable. The V1 will still be available.

* Video of the performance will be coming soon once all of the trials are completed. Stay tuned...

Vertical Hobie Drop-in V2
Rear Controls
Side Profile of Controls

Hobie Drop-in Version 1

These drives are custom made for all Hobie and Hobie style locks that appear on many different kayak manufacturers since the patent has expired.

Hobie Drop-in Drive

These drives will accept both the 35 and 50cc Powerheads.

50cc (2.0 hp) Honda 4-Stroke
 with an FPV Mount

* These can be built with an aluminum or stainless prop.
** The position will lock straight using an FPV mount if you choose.
*** All of the drop-in models can be built as a RTR (Ready to Run).

35cc (1.3 hp) Honda 4-Stroke
with a Standard Cassette

* These can be built with an aluminum or stainless prop.
** These will not lock straight using a factory cassette.


We pride ourselves on customer service. Please call or email us with any concerns or questions you may have on our engine legs and complete systems. We are here to help.

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