What is the difference in the "You Build vs Ready to Run Kits?"

You Build Kit

The client will need to complete the following assembly points:

The drive leg needs to have the bracket bolt attached and all grease points lubricated. All collars will need to be aligned.

The customer will need to attach the engine with 4 supplied stainless bolts, 1 throttle cable and nut, add oil-based on Honda manual or oil filler stick (crosshatch) markings depending on engine setup, and adjust the twist throttle for proper idling.

The twist throttle may need to be rotated and positioned so that the cable is not binding, which affects the opening and closing of the throttle position.

The Honda 35cc and 50cc engines will need the black wire from the engine to the black on the kill switch plug adapter and the red wire with the eyelet gets placed under the remaining clutch bolt. Connectors are provided.

The engine trim angle needs to be adjusted to the boat transom. You should be 7-14 degrees trimmed upward so the bow slightly rises and the kayak hull begins to break through the water overcoming the friction. These are water displacement hulls, not speed boats.

The leg height needs to be adjusted so the propeller sits about 2-4 inches below the bottom of the hull waterline, underneath in the non-turbulent water.


Ready to Run

KAYAK BUDDYS performs all of the following points on the left to the clients who want the engine system built for them.

All systems are available in RTR format as of 11/2019

We only charge a flat fee of $100.00 to build, mount, and adjust the  system. If you bring it to the shop, we can install, mount, and start the system, while going over any essential needs. This includes the stabilizers and motor mounts also.

This is well worth the travel time if you are not sure of your skillset. But, either way, KAYAK BUDDYS can walk you through it over the phone, text, face-time, or Messenger. Whatever works for you.  


We pride ourselves on customer service. Please call or email us with any concerns or questions you may have on our engine legs and complete systems. We are here to help.

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