Engine rating will fluctuate depending on 2 and 4 stroke engine models and fuel. This give a general idea on the CC to HP range and the types of engines suitable for the use on a kayak. These are general estimates and change based on water condition, weight of the kayak and passenger(s) with equipment.  CC Thrust Chart

Important details and key points about the engine leg:
●   The small outboard leg that is built of aluminum and stainless steel hardware. The only steel used is the drive shaft, clutch    
      housing and lower unit gears. *No black steel like other vendors and cheap fittings, period.

*There are other vendors selling similar model designs, but with black steel fittings, pot metal castings, and with inferior engines that won't take the punishment. Honda engines are hands down the best mini 4-strokes money can buy. 

●   All of the fittings are stainless as well to extend the longevity of the leg.
●   Weighs 23lbs with an engine and 12lbs by itself. No electric trolling motor system can match the torque and rough water
      capability from gas propulsion.
      - Honda GX35 runs for roughly 60 minutes on a tank of gas with the throttle fully open.
      - Honda GX50 runs for roughly 40 minutes on a tank of gas with the throttle fully open.
●   Upper most mount position to the center axis of the propeller at its maximum height is 23.5 inches.
●   You can adjust the vertical trim and lockout of the engine. If an obstacle is struck underwater, the engine will pivot upward with
      run unlocked.
●   This is a light weight economical way to guide you through the water using small 2 and 4 stroke engines of your choice.
●   This is not a flipped around weed eater, but a geared actual drive system that uses a centrifugal clutch system.
●   Unlike electric which uses thrust, the gas counterpart works identical to a real boat engine and supplies torque to the prop
     through a splined shaft system gear to take advantage of the high rpms. This is why weed eaters fail and burn up.
●   Uses a kill switch (deadman style) type. So if you need to shut the engine while fishing or diving this is the most efficient method.
**Please don't forget how important it is to break-in new engines and check oil and lubrication points regularly.
Can I Use My Engine?
The answer is not exactly yes. Weed trimmer motors 90% of the time do not fit, period. Using an old or under powered engine will give you some enjoyment until the engine quits or needs parts due to having worked to hard to create the torque needed to drive the craft. My motto is to spend money only once and do it right. Your better brands like Honda always make a higher grade engine in their models. Other off brands are good and do exist, you just need to select a quality unit. We can help you with that. You will need preferably a 30+cc engine or higher to give you the better torque range. Anything smaller will struggle depending on the weight of the boat, gear, and occupant. Only Honda vertical engines are 360 degree engines and can be used in any direction. A weed trimmer setup will not work in its common format.

Remember this is not a turned around weed trimmer or brush cutter head.
I give credit to the Youtube crowd for being creative with weed trimmers, but these units are not experimental.

***Robin/Subaru, Kawasaki, Shindaiwa, etc. all no longer producing Mini-4 strokes for the US market. EPA regulations and cost of materials makes this a losing battle for most manufacturers due to the overseas clone market. Patents have expired years ago and the copies now hold their own against the once competitive market.

We pride ourselves on customer service. Please call or email us with any concerns or questions you may have on our engine legs and complete systems. We are here to help.

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