The information is comprised of many adaptions, experimenting, and simply tinkering with what works and holds up to fresh and salt water environments. 

Controls and Throttles 

  • Tiller Handle with U-joint
    For control you really only have 2 options that I consider truly functional on a gas system. These are the tiller handle by itself with all of the factory attachments or add an extension with a U-joint and move the kill switch closer to the occupant. 
  • Foot Controls
    Foot control remote steering is not ideal due to striking objects, having the motor kick up, and you are now left with a startling possibility of over correction with your feet. Think about when you drive and over correct, it causes another situation. I have tried using foot controls with brackets and internal rudder wires to turn the system and it does work, but it adds another failure point and congestion on an open deck, plus you will need to create a bracket to shorten the left and right rotation of the drive. 
  • Remote Throttles
    This is an unneeded addition to add a larger more cumbersome throttle cable that is utilized on a lever to make the throttle action more boat like. Have I done this before? Yes!, but it was a waste of money and time. The Shimano system with a stainless cable and teflon lined Jagwire sheath has yet to have a hiccup, plus it can be made up to 60 inches long and shortened as needed. 
  • Twist Throttle Shifter vs. Variable Throttle Shifter
    Kayak motoring should a fun experience in its own right, so by having to flex a variable throttle constantly doesn't seem so advantageous.  Now, you can convert the twist throttle to a variable by removing the plastic clip inside the shifter housing. It is not a change that can not be undone if you were to change your mind.
  • Trim and Tilt
    This is going to be a game changer. Once you can actively control the bracket, you have pin point accuracy of prop wash and angle adjustment. A new bracket segment is in the works to control tilt angles from the bracket on the fly using 12v. Version 1 worked fine, but an aluminum addition will be more robust and functional if you run unlocked.

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