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Starting March 20, 2021 

Update: System Build And Shipping Information

We will be moving our shop over the next month to Jacksonville, Florida. All builds and part orders will be built, processed, and shipped only on Saturday and Sunday through the end of April.

Please order early for the fastest turn around time. All systems are placed in a que to be built.


Please feel free to browse around and spend some time reading and learning about adding gas propulsion to your paddle craft. Enjoy!










Specializing in Small Aircooled Outboard Systems for Kayak, Canoe, Skiff, Sailboat, and Small Watercraft.

Our propulsion setups are available from 35cc (1.3hp) to 50cc (2.0hp) engine sizes and only weigh 23lbs with fuel. The outboards are lightweight and easy to install and maintain. These air-cooled outboards make exceptional small motors for many styles of watercraft. Clients in the kayak fishing, paddling, sailing, hunting, boating, and firefighting communities have used these small dependable air-cooled setups to take propulsion to a whole other level. These setups can be stored in small spaces and require a fraction of the maintenance of a traditional outboard. Air-cooled, no impellers, and no worries of your battery adding unneeded weight and cumbersome wiring to the fun. 

KAYAK BUDDYS is dedicated to custom engine and propulsion configurations. If you have a special requirement, inquire, we can help with the build if you are local or simply point you in the right direction for customization.


We currently stock genuine Honda GX Series 4-stroke 35cc and now the Honda GX Series 4-stroke 50cc. Honda quality is the best in the market and are the leaders in dependable mini 4-stroke engine powerheads.

All upgraded engine legs are custom built by KAYAK BUDDYS and not a turned around mass-produced product with low quality and minimal durability. We use our products and make sure it can hold up to rigorous usage with minimal maintenance. Our hands touch all of these units and all black steel and lower quality components are removed. These are not eBay or Amazon specials and will never be sold on eBay or Amazon in the upgraded format with real Honda engines. That is a fact. From Shimano shifters, stainless throttle cables, billet connectors, jag wire Teflon lined throttle cable housings, and 2 blade prop choices, there is no other small watercraft outboard business that goes to this extent to get the product right in our humble opinion. 

Plus, our customer service rocks.

* Comparison to traditional Honda 2.3hp outboard.


New cavitation plate and adjustable tiller angle tilt clamp has been added for better control angles. These include a Shimano twist shifter with a Jagwire sheath, stainless cable, billet adjuster end with a hand soldered end for exact cable lengths. 



Introducing our new engine stand designed to fold and store out of the way when not in use. These are able to support up to 125 lbs and wide enough to accommodate many styles of small outboards. Tubular steel, steel fittings, and epoxy wood mount. These are limited in quantity.

Click here for more information.


The new FPV Hobie mount will now be available to compliment the drop-in system. These are made in Austrailia and eliminate the need to modify the cassette for mounting in the mirage drive.

Click here for more information.

NEW: External Tank Fuel Kits Are Available...

Finally a fittings kit is available, This includes the line fittings, fuel shut off, pass through barb for the cap, and filter to run your system for a longer duration. The kit can plug-in to a external tank using the quarter inch barb on the tank. The fuel line and tank is not be included.

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Customers Always Have Options...

Below are the 3 most common configurations sought after by consumers.

Engine Leg Only (You Supply Your Engine)

Some customers prefer adding their own gas or electric power to these outboard drives. We call them "engine legs". These drives can handle up 3 hp with no issues. Please do not get these confused with mud motors or converted weed eaters. Learn more...

Full Kit with Honda Power (35-50cc)

95% of what we sell are kits that require a few minutes of your time to attach the powerhead of choice, 1 throttle cable, and 1 kill switch wire, It doesn't get more simple than that. Standard and upgraded versions are available.  Learn more...

Pedal Drive Conversion (All Manufacturers)

For all the pedal drive owners, we have built a drive that can fit into a Hobie cassette or Pod system. The drive configuration is the same on these versions.  The ability to pedal out and power back in is amazing when the current and wind change. Learn more...

So just why are these small engines such great fun and so user friendly?

Small and Lightweight

Weighing in at 23 lbs for a full system is essential for paddle craft. Full horizontal and vertical adjustments, so customization is effortless.

Durable and Dependable

Made of aluminum and stainless components to hold up over time with no impellers and gearing systems to fail. Aircooled and made run hard.

2 and 4 Stroke Capable

Engines can be changed in a few minutes. From electric to gas powerheads. Multiple combinations are available.

* PLEASE READ: Due to recent shipping damages from both UPS and USPS, all drive kits will ship with the clutch housings removed from the drive tube. This requires a few extra seconds to attach but will ensure you have an outboard drive that is undamaged and ready for use. We have experienced too many carrier mistakes resulting in damaged powerheads and drives. We truly apologize for these incidents, but it is out of our control, so we have taken note and will correct the issue by changing the way the drive ships. The amount of shipments around the world has increased exponentially, causing less oversight from our shipping carriers it seems. They are certainly overwhelmed from the rapid uptick of packages shipped. 

Share Your Builds

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We pride ourselves on customer service. Please call or email us with any concerns or questions you may have on our engine legs and complete systems. We are here to help.

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Build Notes

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