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Specializing in Small Aircooled Outboard Systems for Kayak, Canoe, Skiff, Sailboat, and Small Watercraft.

Propulsion setups are available from 35cc to 71cc engine sizes and only weigh 23lbs with fuel. Lightweight and easy to install, maintain, and store, these make exceptional small motors for many styles of watercraft. Clients in the paddling, sailing, hunting, safety, and firefighting communities have used these small dependable air-cooled setups to take the burden of propulsion to a whole other level.

Recently we have been dabbling with self-contained electric powerheads with factory battery packs from Echo and the results have been fantastic. As the technology in brushless motors gets better, we will be utilizing all styles of compact power on our engine legs. Stay tuned.

These setups can be stored in small spaces and require a fraction of the maintenance of a traditional outboard. Air-cooled, no impellers, and no worries of your battery adding unneeded weight and cumbersome wiring to the fun.

2 and 4 stroke engines vary based on size and availability. KAYAKBUDDYS is dedicated to custom engine and propulsion configurations. If you have a special requirement, inquire, we can help with the build if you are local or simply point you in the right direction for customization.


We currently only stock genuine Honda 4 stroke 35cc, along with the larger non-branded 53cc. The 53cc is a high-quality clone 4 stroke engine that performs identically to the Honda GXV50 engines that are no longer produced by Honda. These 53cc are not Honda, but are the best examples that can be provided to the consumer at this time. As new production models are available, the choices will change within our non-Honda engine selections. The 2 Stroke 71cc non-branded engines can be ordered if needed, but there will be a wait for manufacturing. One 71cc engine is usually kept in stock at all times.

All upgraded engine legs are custom built by Kayakbuddys and not a turned around mass produced product with low quality and minimal durability. We use our products and make sure it can hold up to rigorous useage with minimal maintenance. Our hands touch all of these units and all black steel and lower quality components are removed. These are not Ebay specials and will never be sold on Ebay in the upgraded format with real Honda engines. That is a fact. From Shimano shifters, stainless throttle cables, billet connectors, jagwire teflon lined throttle cable housings, and casted 2 bladed aluminum props with stainless collars, there is no other small watercraft outboard business that goes to this extent to get the product right in our humble opinion.

Plus, our customer service rocks.

* Comparison to traditional Honda 2.3hp outboard.



Standard Engine Leg

These engine legs come built with 3 blade props and stainless hardware and fittings. Built to take various powerheads, these do not disapppoint.

Kayakbuddys engine systems makes the choice simple. With multiple engine choices, adding  propulsion is easy and worth the time when researching and building a setup to aide in your movement on the water. Please inquire on the contact form with any questions you may have,



Upgraded Engine Leg

These engine legs come with all the standard features, plus an upgraded Shimano shifter, 2 blade prop and collar, and stainless throttle system, inside of a quality jagwire housing with a billet connector. 

Lifan 35cc Ready to Run on an Upgraded Engine Leg 

Lifan is not a clone engine manufacturer, but is one of the leading engine and part suppliers throughout the world. Often times parts are produced by Lifan for manufacturers like Honda, due to the quality and higher end production standards of the company. USA warranties and great customer service i s what Lifan is all about. Electric start is in the works for only this model only and is being designed by the factory.

* The kill switch wire can be run inside the tiller arm with an exit at the end cap to make for a clean look. Just inquire when ordering.

Electric Conversion Parts Have Arrived...

For those wanting to purchase parts to convert your engine leg to electric, the driveshafts have arrived and are ready to go. Others who want the leg ready for your electric head that uses a square drive fitting like the Echo or Earthwise, these are now available. Build instructions will not be posted online, and are sent as a locked .pdf to only the purchaser. This conversion can be completed on a pedal drive or full length system.


4 point square 

3 Blade Prop

Standard Leg


,pdf Downlaod / Email

Pedal Drive or
Full Length


Earthwise 58v Electric
Powerhead System 

Recently Kayakbuddys began using electric powerheads off of real string trimmers and the output is amazing in such a small package. As companies try to cut cost, they are moving the brushless motors to the trimmer head and eliminating some models with high torque powerheads. What you see below is a very affordable option to add an electric powerhead to a standard leg. These are marketed by Earthwise and run 1/3 of the cost of ECHO version. They come with a 2.0 ah battery, but the internals are spot on to the ECHO. 4.0 ah batteries are available. Once I have had this on the Hobie Revo with some proper run time, video will be posted with the results along with a comparison to the ECHO powerhead.


Honda shipping promotion on engines. 

Free shipping will be applied to all system and powerhead purchases. No charge for engine shipping will be invoiced. Engine units will only be delivered to the Paypal address on file. Please inquire through the contact page for more information. 


5% off future engine system, engine legs, or accessory purchases for referral program, starts off 2019.

Each customer who refers a new client, and completes a full system purchase from Kayakbuddys  will receive 5% off the total order cost on future purchases, not including shipping.  An invoice will be sent to reflect the discount once the information and purchase is verified. Please inquire through the contact page if more information is needed.

KAYAKBUDDYS engine setups and legs have been successfully mounted and used on the following brands currently and more are coming soon as custom setups are created by you the owner or through our install team. These brands are linked so you may browse their selection of watercraft. Kayakbuddys is not affiliated with these companies, but enjoys promoting companies such as these to help set the bar for the industry. This sport of kayaks for fishing and recreating is just now taking center stage as more people want to experience the water in a different way.

So just why are these small engines such great fun and so user friendly?

Small and Lightweight

Weighing in at 23 lbs for a full system is essential for paddle craft. Full horizontal and vertical adjustments, so customization is effortless.

Durable and Dependable

Made of aluminum and stainless components to hold up over time with no impellers and gearing systems to fail.

2 and 4 Stroke Capable

Engines can be changed in a few minutes. From electric to gas powerheads. Multiple combinations are available.


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