New Components and Features...
Hobie Drop-in Version 2 ( Testing Underway )
Trim and Tilt V3 Using a Single Clamp and Actuator ( Parts Kit Coming Soon )
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We specialize in small, lightweight, air-cooled outboard systems for kayak, canoe, skiff, sailboat, and small watercraft.

If you are a kayak fishermen, explorer, hunter, or simply a person who needs to have a way to propel themselves on their next adventure, we have the outboard solution for you. No more struggling to fight the current, wind, or mother nature's fury when you least expect it.

We are proud to customize these systems for disabled paddlers and vets, along with anyone needing a change to the ergonomics and functionality of a small outboard. There is no other small gas engine system that can be configured to the user like ours.

Just ask, we are always here to help...

Our propulsion setups are available from 35cc (1.3 hp) to 50cc (2.0 hp) engine sizes and only weigh 23 lbs. with fuel.

The outboards are lightweight and easy to install and maintain. These air-cooled outboards make exceptional small motors for many styles of watercraft. These setups can be stored in small spaces and require a fraction of the maintenance of a traditional outboard. Air-cooled, no impellers, and no worries of your battery adding unneeded weight and cumbersome wiring to the fun.


We currently stock only genuine Honda GX Series 4-stroke 35cc and Honda GX Series 4-stroke 50cc. Honda quality is the best in the market and are the leaders in dependable mini 4-stroke engine power-heads.

All upgraded engine legs are custom built by KAYAK BUDDYS and not a turned around mass-produced product with low quality and minimal durability. We use our products and make sure it can hold up to rigorous usage with minimal maintenance. Our hands touch all of these units and all black steel and lower quality components are removed.

These are not eBay or Amazon specials and will never be sold on eBay or Amazon in the upgraded format with real Honda engines. That is a fact. From Shimano shifters, stainless throttle cables, billet connectors, jag wire Teflon lined throttle cable housings, and 2 blade prop choices, there is no other small watercraft outboard business that goes to this extent to get the product right in our humble opinion.

Plus, our customer service rocks.
* Comparison to traditional Honda 2.3 hp outboard.

New Additions and Custom Components...

We are always adding products, creating new uses for adding power and control, and developing a superior product line using only the best component vendors. Since much of what we build is custom, it pays off in the quality and workmanship, versus quantity that most companies rely on. Customer service is what we are about.   

Stainless 2-blade Prop


New cavitation plate and adjustable tiller angle tilt clamp has been added for better control angles. These include a Shimano twist shifter with a Jagwire sheath, stainless cable, billet adjuster end with a hand soldered end for exact cable lengths. 


Foldable Stands


Many people have inquired about having rudder control, so we have listened and will be developing a rudder kit to control the large kayaks in current and wind. Keeping the bow straight is essential when paddling. These will be built exactly like the outboards with tiller and foot control options using a carbon fiber tube and bolt on lower fin.. (No Engine or Output Drive)

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FPV Hobie and Hobie Style Mount


The new FPV Hobie mount will now be available to compliment the drop-in system. These are made in Austrailia and eliminate the need to modify the cassette for mounting in the mirage drive.

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External Fuel Tank Kit


Finally a fittings kit is available, This includes the line fittings, fuel shut off, pass through barb for the cap, and filter to run your system for a longer duration. The kit can plug-in to a external tank using the quarter inch barb on the tank. The fuel line and tank is not be included.

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Trim and Tilt


As the water warms up we will be testing  the trim and tilt to raise the engine out of the water for the shallow runs. This is not designed to trim under power. 


Kill Switch V2


These new style switches will allow the kill switch to be now placed in a water resistant box that can be configured to bolt on T-tracks, seats brackets, and various track accessories. This version does not use a plug cap, but a clip just like a boat.

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SUP and POD Drive System


The new driveshafts have finally come in to allow a system to be built to power both POD-based kayaks and rear transom-mounted SUP hybrid kayaks. These are 4 inches longer than a Hobie Drop-in system.

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Pod and rear Mounted Drives


A second version of the Hobie Drop-in is available that has new stress coverings on all kill switch wiring and can be adapted with a new 4 inch driveshaft if needed for taller placements in all POD drive systems. We can build it.

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Customers Always Have Options...

Below are the 3 most common configurations sought after by consumers.

Standard Leg

Standard/Upgraded Engine Leg Only

(You Supply Your Engine)

Some customers prefer adding their own gas or electric power to these outboard drives. We call them "engine legs". These drives can handle up 3 hp with no issues. Please do not get these confused with mud motors or converted weed eaters.
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Complete Outboard System

Full Build Kit or Fully RTR with Honda Power

(Kit or Ready to Run Versions)

40% of what we sell are kits that require a few minutes of your time to attach the powerhead of choice, 1 throttle cable, and 1 kill switch wire. It doesn't get more simple than that. Standard and upgraded versions are available.
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Pedal Drive Conversions

Pedal / POD Drive Conversion

(All Manufacturers)

For all the pedal and POD drive owners, we have built a drive that can fit into a Hobie cassette or Pod system variant. The ability to pedal out and power back in is amazing when the current and wind change.
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A few choices to think about before ordering just a system.

Do I need anything else to complete the build?

Engine Sizes

What size powerhead is needed for my craft?

Honda 35cc and 50cc size powerheads are available.

More power and less RPM to maintain torque. The noise level does not change much due to the engine size.

Prop Type

What prop material should I choose?

This can be an aluminum or a stainless 2-blade prop design.

Stainless flexes less, gives better overall performance and speed, and holds up to underwater strikes


Are you strictly a freshwater or saltwater fisherman?

The upgraded leg tackles both with custom-built shifters, throttle lines, and connectors.

The standard drive is strictly freshwater due to the ferrous metals on the OEM components.

Fuel Filling and Control

Do I need to refuel on the fly?

An external fuel tank fittings kit may be needed if you are covering long distances.

Do I need a tiller extension to control the system at a distance?

Tiller handles can be shortened for tighter turning when used with a U-jointed tiller. 

So just why are these small engines such great fun and so user friendly?

Small and Lightweight

Weighing in at 23 lbs for a full system is essential for paddle craft. Keeping the weight off the transom or mount is essential. Full horizontal and vertical adjustments, so customization is effortless.

Durable and Dependable

East starts from a distance, refueling capable, and a layout that ergonomically works very well on a paddle craft. All stainless and aluminum construction on the exposed surfaces.

Quality of the Build

After building 100's of these systems, Honda does not disappoint. No clones or "Hope it Works" in these builds. All parts have been vetted to hold up to the environment and last with minimal maintenance.


We pride ourselves on customer service. Please call or email us with any concerns or questions you may have on our engine legs and complete systems. We are here to help.

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